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What is Green Building


Green BuiltTM, or Green Building, is the most exciting and significant development in home building in recent years. It is nothing less than a quite revolution in the way that new homes and communities are planned and constructed.  

In a nutshell, Green BuiltTM homes are 

Energy Efficient

Environmentally Friendly



The community benefits because Green BuiltTM homes use less of our precious resources, both during construction and during operation of the home.  Using less energy results in less pollution and resource depletion. 

  Defining Green Built  

Green BuiltTM can be defined as building new homes in a manner that conserves resources and can include numerous elements affecting virtually every aspect of construction.  Most often it involves the following design considerations:

·        Energy efficiency in heating/ cooling   systems, appliances, lighting and the building envelope.

·        Selection of materials based on recyclability, durability and the amount of energy used to create the material.

·        Land planning and design techniques that preserve the natural environment and minimize disturbance to the land.

·        Site development to reduce erosion, minimize paved surfaces and runoff and protect vegetation especially trees.

·        Water conservation, indoors and outdoors.    

    What Is A Green Builder?

  To become a Green Builder a builder must routinely practice the above activities in the construction of new homes.  Also in order to construct Certified Green BuiltTM homes a builder must participate in a Green BuiltTM training program and apply for certification through  Green BuiltTM Michigan. An independent third party auditing agency.  In order for a home to be classified as Certified Green BuiltTM the builder must have achieved these credentials.

  At McIntyre Builders we have been practicing energy conscious and green building techniques for 20 years.  Through our participation in the Energy and Environmental Building Association  we constantly strive to improve our knowledge and skills in these areas.  We were members of the founding Green BuiltTM Michigan board of directors and currently maintain our seat today.  In addition we are proud to be the first Certified Green Builder in West Michigan.

  What Is Green Built Certified?

  The Green BuiltTM Michigan program uses the EPA Energy Star Program rating system as its base with additional points assigned to the home for green elements in the home. It is designed to give maximum flexibility to both the homeowner and the builder.  An Energy Star home uses less energy, which translates into saving for the occupant and an improved environment.

  Based on an independently verified and audited point system, points are awarded for certain requirements in each of these categories; land use, water efficiency, energy efficiency, resource management, indoor air quality, and design efficiency. Based on the total point level achieved the home can be categorized into one of three different levels.


Basic level of energy & sustainable features


Standard level of energy & green features


Complete systems approach to integrating green features into a home

  For more details regarding the Green BuiltTM Michigan point system talk to McIntyre Builders before you start your home to see how you can make your home a Certified Green BuiltTM Home, for you, your children and the future.

  What Can You Do?

  As you look at the planning of your new home, careful consideration should be given to building a home that will enjoy lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality, less construction waste, reduced maintenance costs and a harmony with nature while helping to protect the environment.  Green Building is not an all or nothing endeavor and even modest measures can result in significant conservation of resources.  Contact McIntyre Builders  for how you can build a Green BuiltTM Certified home.   Let your new home earn the Green BuiltTM Certified seal of approval.